Fantasy Sports for the rest of television.
What do you think happens next?

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How SHOWoff Works

Make predictions on your favorite shows. Play Trivia. Score points. Create leagues and compete against friends for all the glory.

Create a League

Create a league and invite your friends to predict what happens next on your favorite shows.

Scoring Points

Rack up points for everything you guess correctly. Predictions that are harder to guess are worth more points.

Invite Friend

Invite your friends to play via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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Compete Against Friends

Create leagues for the shows your friends watch and invite them to join in the game. See who comes out on top each week and over the entire season!

See Where You Rank

Leaderboards show where you rank amongst your friends and the world.

Up the Competition

Challenge your friends from Facebook, Twitter, and/or your personal contacts.

SHOWoff Features

There's more to it than just showing off! Some other features include...

Create a Private League

Name your own show league and invite your friends to play your favorite shows. Plus you can talk smack with live chat.

Request a Show

Don't see your favorite show in the app? Let us know! User demand helps us decide what shows to add to the game.


Discover New Shows

SHOWoff features trivia and prediction games for the best dramas, reality shows, and live events on TV.

Show Reminders

Sign up to be reminded when new seasons and episodes are airing so you'll never miss another episode.